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Frequently asked question (FAQ)

  • ETFore is a collective trading investment business of an index, a commodity, bonds, or a basket of assets like an index fund which are known as ETF – Exchange Traded Funds. We execute decisions in trade with the help of ROBO advisor, AI and machine learning algorithm in an arbitrage trading method.

  • ETFore generates profits through ETF arbitrage, which involves exploiting price discrepancies in Exchange Traded Funds. By purchasing ETFs at lower prices and selling them at higher prices, even small profit margins can become significant when executed in large quantities. This allows ETFore to capitalize on market inefficiencies and maximize their returns.

  • ETFore is dedicated to catering multiple trading bot systems that will offer trading signals to the members for making wise and eager decisions in the financial society.

  • ETFore dreams to become of the top corporate lending firms which will act like VC to the further business owners. ETFore aims to enter the Over-The-Counter market and allow a simplified unlisted shares trading.

  • To be a global leader in ETF investments, driving innovation and sustainable growth in the evolving financial landscape. We aim to redefine the investment experience by offering unique opportunities in sectors shaping the future, empowering investors to achieve their financial goals while contributing to a more sustainable and digitally advanced economy.

  • Our mission at ETFore is to guide investors through the complexities of the rapidly evolving financial world by providing unparalleled access to unique investment opportunities.

  • ETFORE is duly incorporated and operates under legal regulations in both New York, USA and Hong Kong.

  • We have our headquarters in New York United States.

  • The Founder of Etfore Limited is Mr. Christopher Valentini.

  • Founded on ETF expertise in 2016, ETFore grew into a haven for major investors. On May 7th 2023, we embraced online business and proudly launched our portfolio. Celebrating a journey of success and innovation.

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